Latest Updates

System and Software Testing

Michael's first work in a dedicated test team and department was at a more senior level defining processes and tools.

Rail sensor

    Example automated tests were created as part of a project to create an automoated test framework for a wheel vibration sensor.

    The example tests provided coverage similar to all previous tests with greater reliability and efficiency.

Testing at IndigoVision

    Michael's hands on testing focused on complex protocol areas and larger scale tests.

    It included simulating a WAN based CCTV network by controlling network bandwidth, latency and errors, and creating a network simulation of 7500 cameras in Java.

Performance tests at Agilent Technologies

    Michael created performance tests built around large-scale test data. He made and specified the tools needed to create that test data

    The test data represented the signalling traffic of large mobile phone networks.

    The quality of the data and test approach uncovered issues invisible to previous solutions.

Motorola Tetra System test

    Michael created automated early integration tests of Network and Handset implementations of Call Control and Mobility Management protocol stacks prior to hardware availability.

    He created and ran manual tests, creating automated tool support as required.He represented Motorola duing multi-vendor interoperabilty tests, analysing issues and drawing on support of product development teams.