Personal leadership

While a permanent employee, Michael had a number of line management and team leadership roles. Operating through Compute Thing Limited he continues to lead and guide as appropriate.

Social Care Alarm System Acceptance

Initially engaged by the client to lead the acceptance of an outsourced product development, Michael transformed and grew the client team function from acceptance to a broader acceptance test. He supported the outsourced organisation in adopting practices needed for successful product delivery. He worked across different client and supplier organisations to promote common goals.

Michael mentored and trained members of both the supplier and client organistaions.

IndigoVision Test Team Leadership

As team leader and then group leader Michael grew the IndigoVision test team from 2 to 9 engineers. He was responsible for interviewing, mentoring, appraisals, performance management and weekly team meetings. He helped to develop the skills of the testers to match the changing scope of work. A long side the other development group leaders and the engineering manager he worked to develop the engineering organistation.

IndigoVision test lab and environment management

Ability to achieve and an environment to be proud were seen as significant staff motivators. Starting from a cramped environment that had problems with heat, noise, poor ergonomics, restricted capabilities and interference with office IT systems Michael directed improvements towards a more capable and suitable test environment.

Agilent aCCESS7 Troubleshooting Test Team

In a declining business Michael kept his team motivated by continuing to encourage pride in the work done by the team. This was done by driving improvements to the test data used and developing the relationship with the tools team to improve the tools used to create that data. He led the introduction of the Mercury Test Director (now Micro Focus Quality Center) tool, which provided the team with better feedback on their work and supported efficiency gains to balance the reduction in man-power.

Motorola Tetra Stress & Performance

At Motorola Michael established and grew the System Stress, Stability and Performance team in conjunction with the establishment of the test lab. He selected the team members and guided the team to develop the skills to undertake this demanding project. The value of the team was recognised, receiving the following feedback:

"The complex and first time integration of so many new tools and the system knowledge required to execute the testing is challenge enough but with half the team only joining within the last eight months, this is all the more impressive."

"The Team, which is relatively inexperienced, has demonstrated maturity of judgment and a willingness to work together to overcome a diverse set of Engineering problems"

Motorola Tetra System Integration test team and lab

Originally tasked with the technical leadership of the system integration activities along-side the group leader Michael became recognised as the natural leader of the team before formally being given that responsibility

I conducted appraisals, recruited new staff, led team meetings, coached and mentored staff, and managed issues with non-performance.