Test lab maintenance and development IndigoVision

Starting from a cramped environment that had problems with heat, noise, poor ergonomics, restricted capabilities and interference with office IT systems I have directed improvements towards a more capable and suitable test environment.

Test networks

The network is a key part of an IP CCTV system. A highly capable network is essential for effective testing. Capabilities added under my leadership have included: multicast; simulation, routing, centralised server services, greater capacity.

Camera, encoder and other devices test environment

Starting from one cabinet within the main office area with a collection of cameras lying on benches there were plenty of improvement possibilities.

Encoder numbers were increased to 200 improving the capability to load Network Video Recorders. The encoders were moved to a dedicated server room to manage heat and noise.

Shelving was acquired to make fixtures for cameras and locations found throughout the building to give suitable scenes for realistic camera operation. Sets of cameras were acquired for use in longer term test programmes

Media players and moving toys were added to generate better test input

Server test environment

Server used for testing Network Video Recording software were upgraded from obsolete workstations with inadequate disk performance, to servers that were representative of customer setups with appropriate Direct-attached-storage or SANs. This allowed realistic performance tests and input to future product developments.

NVR server

Client workstation test environment

I established a planned replacement policy of test workstations to ensure that figures published in external guides provided guidance to partners and end users. I established a new physical test area that provided comfort and safety for testers as well as being sufficiently representative of customer multi-monitor configurations.

Control Center video wall