Test project leadership at IndigoVision

This page describes my leadership of the test activities of the test team within IndigoVision. The processes and tools used were adapted to the products and systems being tested. The test team I led was responsible for end-to-end testing including all the system components identified below.

The depth of testing reflected the complex workflows and processes of the target market that included airports, large casinos, security forces, public safety, and banks.

The testing addressed the scalability of the solution that could include 1000s of cameras, petabytes of video recording storage, large geographic dispersal, 10Gbps+ networking

Control Center front-end

The front end PC application used for viewing live and recorded video, managing devices, viewing alarms, video bookmarks, and exporting video evidence. The decoding and viewing of video was demanding on PC hardware that could push high-end workstation hardware to its performance limits. The testing covered the complex work flows of its target

Network video recorders

Server software and products including Network Video Recorders

Alarm servers

Alarm servers

Video conversion and streaming

video conversion and streaming

Integration modules

Camera test

Detailed manual and scripted analysis of Wireshark protocol traces: e.g. RTP timestamping errors, use of RTCP protocol, multicast and IGMP beahviour.

Ensuring reliable High-bandwidth, bursty network traffic flows. Load and performance testing of largest Network Video Recorders (NVRs) put considerable strain on network infrastructure. Getting 800 video streams of 25fps video over a network to provide 1.6Gbps of data into one NVR requires careful network structuring and switches of the right capability. Solution based round Dell Force 10 S4810P switches.

Customers place high demands on the client workstations of a CCTV Management System, wanting decode of large numbers of high-data rate, high frame rate and high resolution video streams. I specified the workstations and provided the test environment to confirm those demands could be met. Achieving 30 HD streams or 100 SD streams with a total bandwidth of 800Mbps has over time hit limits with with CPU speeds, graphics card performance, PC bus bandwidth, network cards