Michael has worked in a mix of leadership and technical roles. My work has covered a broad spectrum of software based systems. Common themes have been: communication between heterogenous items; the system has extended beyond a single GUI; what goes on behind the scenes plays a bigger part than the UI.

Software development

Focused on concurrent Python projects dealing with the physical world in an abstract way. Extensive previous experience from bare metal assembler to higher level languages and shell scripts.

Team leadership

Michael managed a number of test teams taking responsibility for interviewing, coaching, career progression, (none) performance management.

Project leadership

Leading pure system test projects; test infrastructure projects; software/firmware projects. Agile techniques - SCRUM, Kanban, Microsoft Project. Multi-national, OEM

System and software testing

From integration testing of early simulations to scalability and performance testing of regional mobile radio networks. Mostly with an emphasis on communication protocols.

Computer, radio, telecoms networking

From designing and configuring networks to protocol analysis of IP LAN protocols; telephony protocols Q.931; wireless protocols UMTS, GPRS, GSM, Tetra. This has included video and Voice over IP, RTP, NTP, ARP etc.