This page contains a snapshot of my experiences that demonstrate my technical capabilities.

Handling support case escalations

I was the gateway between the company's regional support eams and the engineering development teams. I established the process for this and defined the workflow implemented using the Salesfore CRM software. I investigated hard to solve problems, often creating scripts to analyse data and protocol analysis traces.

Analysing challenging problems in test

Detailed manual and scripted analysis of Wireshark protocol traces: e.g. RTP timestamping errors, use of RTCP protocol, multicast and IGMP beahviour.

Ensuring reliable High-bandwidth, bursty network traffic flows. Load and performance testing of largest Network Video Recorders (NVRs) put considerable strain on network infrastructure. Getting 800 video streams of 25fps video over a network to provide 1.6Gbps of data into one NVR requires careful network structuring and switches of the right capability. Solution based round Dell Force 10 S4810P switches.

Customers place high demands on the client workstations of a CCTV Management System, wanting decode of large numbers of high-data rate, high frame rate and high resolution video streams. I specified the workstations and provided the test environment to confirm those demands could be met. Achieving 30 HD streams or 100 SD streams with a total bandwidth of 800Mbps has over time hit limits with with CPU speeds, graphics card performance, PC bus bandwidth, network cards

Performance and scalability testing

I planned environment to load a server performing a video streaming function and provided significant input into specification of server itself. Tests ran with 10 * 80Mbps data input and 3200Mbps total data output to test clients.

Load tested a solution for recording and indexing all the phone calls made on a national mobile network

I planned and led team responsible for performance testing a regional/national emergency services radio network. This testing was conducted as part of the Airwave project which is used across all UK Police forces. The testing was conducted according to client requirements up to levels that reflect a major emergency

Software development

In recent years my software development has been limited to test projects

I have undertaken major software development work at a senior level in the past. I do retain a strong understanding of software development.

I continue to write small test scripts and other small Python applications for personal use.