System and Software Testing

As a software engineer in the earlier part of my career my work included testing as part of my role. My first work in a dedicated test team and department was at a more senior level defining processes and tools.

Testing at IndigoVision

My hands on testing has focused on complex protocol areas and larger scale tests.

Testing of bandwidth management software using a simulation of WAN based CCTV network

I produced a tool in Java that simulated the presence of 7500 cameras on a CCTV network, responding to polls on 7500 IP addresses

Performance tests at Agilent Technologies

Datastore capture, search and indexed search

Call Trace & Protocol Analyis session limits

Motorola Tetra System Integration test

Creation and execution of automated tests that controlled Handsets and RF propogation, and verified correct network signalling. Manual tests with tools assistance for features that could not be automated.

Early integration testing of Network and Handset implementations of Call Control and Mobility Management