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Software development

Michael started his career as a software engineer working on major projects with million+ LOC. As his career has moved into test and leadership, software development reduced considerably but never quite disappeared. Through Compute Thing Ltd the balance of work has shifted back to more hands-on software engineering practices.

Python software development

Michael started developing Python scripts to analyse logs related to testing and customer support issue analysis. This has expanded to projects of 10000+ lines of code, making use of threading, multiprocessing, introspection, with interfaces to a wide variety of APIs, devices and network objects.

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Product software development

Prior to moving into software testing and software test management Michael gained strong experience in firmware development, Michael developed realtime embedded software in C, a variety of assembly languages, and other high-level languages. The work included 2-way radio firmware, real-time fault tolerant OS development, and some PC application development.

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Scripting and CI

Michael has continually developed Unix/Linux scripts as small tools, data analysis, document conversion and CI.

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Architecture and Software System Design

When Michael has worked in roles he has continued to make major contributions in software architecture, product design, and software development environments.

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