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Leadership and Project Management

Michael has a history technical leadership and project management.

Large-scale end-to-end system and integration testing

Management and leading of incremental test projects of 4-12 month duration

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Escalated support cases

Michael developed the process for co-ordination and tracking of the investigation of supportissues in engineering from an initial chaotic state to a controlled mechanism withtool support.

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OEM and other supplier management

Michael has worked with suppliers on planning of software release, bug tracking and adherence to requirements.

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Motorola Tetra Stress & Stability lab

Presented lab concept to European engineering manager. Set up lab and teamTargeted lab to requirements of Airwave project.

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IndigoVision test lab and environment management

Starting from a cramped environment that had problems with heat, noise, poor ergonomics, restricted capabilities and interference with office IT systems I have directed improvements towards a more capable and suitable test environment.

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Motorola Tetra System Integration test team and lab

Reporting to the test group manager, Initially had technical leadership for the team working along side the team lead who had line management responsibility. Later I was promoted to have full responsibility for the team.