Latest Updates

Performance and scalability testing

Performance, scalabilility, and availability testing has taken ideas from a concept through to implementations requiring a combination of direct work, contributions of team members, and input from other teams

Load testing an enterprise Network Video Recorder

Testing required the controlled video streaming from 400 video encoders and throughput into the NVR of 1.6Gbps from 800 video streams

Load testing a video gateway server

Video streaming testing required 10 * 80Mbps video input with an output of 3200Mbps to test clients. Designing the test environment provided significant input into specification of server itself.

Mobile phone network monitoring system

Load testing pushed the requirements on an internally developed test traffic generation tool, to give higher volumes, greater call variety and more randomised output.

Tetra Emergency Services radio network performance

Tests required the simulation of a regional Emergency Network with traffic levels equivalent to a major civil emergency.